Mountain MEtabolic COaching

This method has now helped countless women:

Lose 10-30 lbs without gaining it back, cutting food groups or doing endless cardio 

Learn how to work with their metabolisms to maintain results for life

Get stronger and leaner for their outdoor adventures instead of working out just to burn calories

If you're an outdoorsy female looking to lose 10-30 lbs and in need of some serious support to make lasting changes, apply for my 1-on-1 Mountain Metabolic coaching! I'll teach you how to lose fat for LIFE without cutting food groups or damaging your metabolism!

After spinning my wheels for YEARS, over-exercising, getting sucked into dieting cycles and doing a number on my metabolism, I finally changed how I approach fitness/nutrition and it became what is now the Mountain Metabolic Method. 

Sick of feeling stuck with zero results despite feeling like you're doing ALL the right things? Been there. 

Time to do things the RIGHT way


About Me

Meet the Team

My name is Bradee!


I'm a midwest girl, Certified Health Coach and Fitness Professional who moved to Colorado as a twenty-something and has been hiking-obsessed ever since!


In combining my knowledge of fitness and passion for hiking, I’ve helped hundreds of women get lean and strong for the trails.


Now I am sharing with YOU that exact method with more personalization, support, and education than ever before!

CE Certified Physical Therapist 

ACE Sports Nutrition Certified

AFPA Health Coaching Certified

Certified in Pain-Free Performance

8 Years of Experience in Group Fitness + Personal Training 

The Mountain Metabolic Coaching team is full of expert-level knowledge to go far beyond surface level in helping you get results and troubleshoot where you are getting stuck. 

Alicia: Functional Practitioner and gut/hormone specialist

Kristen: Physical Therapist and performance/corrective exercise specialist

Bradee: CPT, Holistic Health Coach and body composition specialist

Kate: Holistic Health Coach and mindset specialist


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