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Holistic support, guides, and coaching include recipes!

Nutrition Guidance


With Mountain Metabolic Coaching, you have support on your unique self in mind, with gut, hoemone, and strength support.

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Workout at home or in the gym with workouts laid out and your metablism and next advevnture in mind.

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I lost 25 lbs when i stopped focusing on hiit 

I did a 7 mile hike yesterday and while I was sweating and my heart was pumping, the hills were not hard on my legs! I went up them with ease and my thighs were never burning!

Frankly the scale is somewhat of an enemy to me. It's a good tool to use when it's needed but what matters most to me is how I FEEL! How my clothes fit, my energy levels, how I feel when doing exercise/movement, how I feel when I'm eating, and watching my body change over time.

Being able to go on incline hikes without having to stop and catch my breath as often!

Thank you so much! I'm proud of me too!
I'm so grateful for you and your program because it's been working so well for me so far and I know this is something that I will be able to maintain for the rest of your life. I highly recommend your program to anyone who struggles with staying consistent and making those small changes that eventually equate into big changes!

We will all get there! What I love about this program is it's not a quick fix or yo-yo diet. It's a lifelong habit building program that we all excel in as we keep working with Bradee. We made commitments to ourselves to show up and be consistent so we will lose the weight over time!

So grateful for your mountain metabolic program! The amount of strength I've gained in 3 months is more than I could ever do on my own.

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7 days of workouts- no strings attached. See first hand what the Fit for Hiking workout is like!

Video demonstrations with correct form explanation

Only equipment required: dumbbells of your choice

BONUS recipes available to you later in the week

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