What is the Mountain Metabolic Method?


Bradee Felton

January 29, 2024

If you’re here, you’ve probably been wondering – “What is the Mountain Metabolic Method?”. This method is something that has evolved over the years into a tried and true, personalized approach to metabolic health. We help women establish sustainable healthy habits, gain strength for their adventures, and shed excess weight. Let’s dive into the things that set apart the Mountain Metabolic Method from your typical weight loss or fitness programs. 

The Foundation: A Healthy Metabolism

Metabolic function varies person to person, and while you may have heard the typical “your metabolism slows down as you get older”, or “my whole family has a slow metabolism so I am doomed”, there are actually MANY things you can do to support and speed up your metabolism. We help you make the adjustments needed on a completely individualized basis. Some clients who have been chronically undereating and/or overtraining start off with a metabolic restore phase where we slowly build up your basal metabolic rate (BMR) by gradually adding calories and doing more low-impact exercises.. Others have been on the other side of the spectrum with excess consumption and little to no exercise. This is where we implement lifestyle changes that result in a metabolically healthy fat loss phase along with workouts that aid in doing so. Nothing about our method is rushed, one-size-fits-all, or a “quick fix”. So with a healthy metabolism as our foremost goal, how do we help you create lasting change?

The Client Toolkit: Lifestyle Changes

Lasting change begins with sustainable goals and habits. If it’s not realistic long-term, or isn’t something you can see yourself doing years down the road, it’s probably not going to stick. We meet our clients where they are and help guide them in the direction they want to go. Rerouting for roadblocks, obstacles, and detours. Some of the things we help our clients build on are increasing N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), focusing on balanced meals instead of deprivation and restriction, practicing moderation, consuming adequate protein, fiber and calories, on-the-go options that fit into their lifestyle, monthly recipes and grocery lists, education and guidance on nutrition, stress-management techniques, sleep quality and patterns, weight-training, mindset, body composition, hormone support, gut health, performance, and corrective exercises. It takes practice, dedication, open-mindedness and a willingness to commit long term. But those who want to overhaul their life and metabolic health have found a lot of success in these long term methods. 

The Difference: Unparalleled Support, Education, & Accountability

Chances are you have come across quite a few of these tools and topics on places like social media, conversations with friends and family, podcasts and maybe even your doctor’s office – so why hire a Mountain Metabolic Coach when this information is seemingly “available for free”? The answer is next-level accountability and support coupled with simplified education. Creating lasting habits plus rewiring thought patterns and limiting beliefs goes much smoother when you have a professional to help get you there. Not only do we offer daily communication if needed plus weekly message check-ins, we also connect via Zoom for check-ins as well where we talk through obstacles, mindsets, struggles, wins, questions etc and are able to customize your experience further with each one. We also have learning modules to help you get a deeper understanding of topics such as baseline calories, dietary fiber, how to build a more balanced plate, etc. so you have the tools in your toolkit that empower your decisions even after the program is finished. The difference that accountability, education, and support make is truly a night and day difference.

So if you’ve made it this far, chances are you resonate with what we offer in the Mountain Metabolic Coaching Method. Our team of coaches put their best foot forward for our clients and above all else, want them to succeed in their health journey. Our mission is to ensure a quality experience in a supportive and empowering way to every single client on our roster. If you would like to connect and discuss joining, we are offering limited applications. CLICK HERE to fill out a survey and kickstart your Mountain Metabolic Coaching experience! We can’t wait to work with you!

Happy + Healthy Trails,


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