At-Home Booty Workout


Bradee Felton

January 30, 2024

Just your body + one dumbbell to fire up those glutes and achieve a seriously affective booty burn! No excuses – throw on a workout fit and let’s do this. 

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About the workout: Grab a timer, and complete each exercise for 1 minute. Take no more than 15 seconds to transition to the next move. Once you have completed each exercise, repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds depending on how much time you have. 

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Section 1: List Your Ingredients

EXERCISE #1: Single leg dumbbell glute thrust

  • Lay back on the floor, placing the DB on your hips
  • Dig one heel into the floor and lift the other leg
  • Keeping your shoulder blades and planted foot down, lift the hips up, squeezing the glutes hard
  • Switch legs after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #2: DB kickbacks

  • From your hands and knees, place DB in one knee pit
  • Keeping the other knee and both palms anchored to the floor, kick DB side heel up towards the ceiling
  • Keep your core tight, and both arms equally straight 
  • Switch legs after 30 seconds 

EXERCISE #3: Standing side booty lifts

  • Standing tall, take your DB to one hip, just letting it rest there 
  • Plant all of your bodyweight into your other leg, and begin lifting the DB side straight out and up
  • Core should engage, remain tall through the torso without leaning to one side noticeably
  • Switch legs after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #4: DB split squat

  • Holding the DB at the chest, separate the feet, one out in front of the other
  • Keeping the chest tall and the feet right where they are, bend both knees to 90 degrees to lower down
  • Try to get the back knee as close to the ground as possible
  • Keep front heel fully planted
  • Switch legs after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #5: DB hip raises

  • Laying on one side, place bottom forearm and bottom knee into the floor
  • Place DB on top hip
  • Lift bottom hip up off of the floor and kick top leg back behind you at the same time
  • Lower back down to tap bottom hip to the floor
  • Switch sides after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #6: Deadlift to goblet squat

  • Start by holding the head of the dumbbell in your fingertips, hanging it between the shins, hips positioned back (deadlift)
  • As you come to a stand, quickly power the DB up into a goblet hold at your chest
  • Drop into a squat, bending the knees to 90 degrees
  • Reset, then go back into a deadlift (legs mostly straight)

EXERCISE #7: Standing kickbacks

  • Just using your own bodyweight, slightly lean the chest forward 
  • Balance all of your weight on one leg
  • Kick the other kick back behind you, kicking it straight with good control
  • Rather than fully bringing it down, hover the whole time (if possible), keeping tension on the glute
  • Switch after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #8: Lateral lunge pulses

  • Just using your own bodyweight (add DB if desired), bend one knee and shift weight towards that hip as you stick your butt back (like a squat)
  • Keeping the chest as tall as possible, get deep into the bed leg, knees behind toes
  • Pulse slowly, weight back into your heel
  • Switch after 30 seconds

EXERCISE #9: Curtsey to split squat

  • Holding the DB at your chest, step one foot back and to the side into a curtsey position
  • Drop that back knee down as close to the floor as you can, keeping the front knee and foot facing forward
  • As you come out of the curtsey, simply step the back foot directly behind you into a split squat position
  • Lower the back knee down – both knees will be at 90 degrees
  • Keep alternating back and forth between the two positions
  • Switch after 30 seconds

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