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Bradee Felton

January 31, 2024

Looking to visit the best hot springs in Colorado? This one’s for you! Colorado isn’t necessarily known for its hot springs. Typically you think of states like California, Oregon or Idaho when you think of hot springs. However, Colorado does have its fair share of hot springs to soak in! There is definitely a variety in types of hot springs as well; from more commercialized springs, to remote springs, to springs you have to hike to in order to access! This article will highlight all three types, so that there’s a little something for everyone. Please note that it is extremely important to take good care of these hot springs; particularly the more remote springs that aren’t protected. Leave them better than you found them. 

Best Colorado Hot Springs:

Paid Springs –

1. Strawberry Hot Springs

Perhaps one of the most sought after hot springs in the state, Strawberry Hot Springs is located in Steamboat Springs, about 3.5 hours from Denver. While it is primarily a ski town, many people do travel to Steamboat just for Strawberry Hot Springs. It is very large and well maintained, with restrooms, changing rooms and picnic areas. There are even overnight rentals available. The hours of admission are 10 AM – 10 PM every day. You MUST have $20 in cash to enter. There is now a reservation system due to the popularity of these springs, which you can find HERE. Despite being a commercial hot spring, you are still very much tucked in the forest and feel like you’ve entered a magical wonderland! It’s absolutely worth your time. 

2. Glenwood Hot Springs

Known as the world’s largest hot springs pool, Glenwood Hot Springs is located in the town of Glenwood Springs, where it has been a historic part of the town since 1888. There is one massive hot springs pool to enjoy, as well as a therapy pool, a splash zone and optional cabana rentals. Unlike many paid springs, reservations are not required, and there is no imposed time limit. Weekday rates for $39 per adult and weekend rates are $42 per adult. Season passes are also available if you plan to visit frequently. This is definitely more of a kid-friendly experience than the other option in town (listed below). There are many different food amenities available. For the iconic Glenwood Springs experience, I definitely recommend checking it out!

3. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Located in Glenwood Springs, this is definitely the lesser known hot spring available in that town. However, I personally like the atmosphere here better than Glenwood Hot Springs if you’re going as a couple or without kids. In addition to one big hot spring pool, Iron Mountain also offers 17 different smaller pools that have more of a “hot tub” feel with great views! There are also food/adult beverage options. Open from 9 AM – 10 PM, reservations are required and can be obtained HERE. The soak time limit is three hours and children under 5 years of age cannot enter the mineral pools. The tickets cost $36 per person, and there are very nice shower facilities available afterwards!

4. Ouray Hot Springs

If you’re up for a 5+ hour drive through the beautiful San Juan mountains, I recommend visiting the Ouray Hot Springs. These sulfur-free pools provide an odorless mineral hot spring soak, which can be hard to come by! This hot spring is more of a community pool area with slides, strict pool rules, and many weekly activities. The cost per adult is just $21 to enter, and their hours vary based on the day of the week and “member” versus “guest” status. Certain sections of the pools are also closed during the winter. To find more information on pool hours, temperatures and events, click HERE

5. Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Located in beautiful Buena Vista, about 2.5 hours from Denver, the Mount Princeton Hot Springs are some of the lesser known springs in the state. This resort includes infinity pools, swimming pools, exercise pools, a water slide, and creekside hot springs. The rates vary from $40 per adult on the weekends to $35 per adult on weekdays. Day passes must be purchased same-day, on site. It’s also a gorgeous resort to stay overnight if you’re staying in the area longer than a day! You can find more information on the Mount Princeton Hot Springs HERE

6. Hot Sulfur Springs

The Hot Sulfur Springs can be found between Granby and Kremling, about 2 hours from Denver. The springs are “hottub” style instead of having a big pool with lots of options for activities. While these springs are not quite as nice as some others (in my opinion), I still had a great experience and would return. They do not accept reservations and are open from 8 AM – 10 PM daily. They also now offer massage services in addition to hot springs soaking! Overnight lodging available as well. You can find more information on the Hot Sulfur Springs HERE

7. Durango Hot Springs

One of the most luxurious hot springs experiences can be found at Durango Hot Springs Resort + Spa. Durango is located about 6 hours from Denver, but don’t let the long trek deter you! This town is well worth the visit, even apart from the hot springs! The springs are mineral based, which means you won’t get that egg-like sulfur odor and are surrounded by gorgeous mountain views. You can book your soak online (2.5 hour windows of soak time) for $39 per adult HERE. You can also enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience or life music every Tuesday/Thursday! 

Remote Springs:

1. Conundrum Hot Springs

Personally, my favorite hot spring in Colorado! But this hot spring makes you WORK for it. Nestled in the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area, you will need to hike 9 miles (basically straight up) and then another 9 miles back down. Most people opt to split this up into two days because of how rigorous the hike is. However, due to people not taking good care of the area, there are now mandatory overnight permits for this trek. The permits can be obtained HERE. This must be presented to the on-duty ranger while you’re hiking. I’ve done this hike twice and you definitely WILL run into them. You also must have a bear canister and a means to dispose of your human waste that you show the ranger. 

2. Valley View Hot Springs

Located in the small town of Moffat, about 3.5 hours from Denver, you will find these small, very hidden hot springs. If you’re looking for more remote springs, this one’s for you! You get views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range and can avoid the typical hot springs crowds in their 8 small pools. Although more remote, it still does require a reservation which can be made HERE. The rate for a two-hour soak is $13. There are also full day passes and overnight options available!

3. Rainbow Hot Springs

These more primitive hot springs are located near the town of Pagosa Springs. This one also requires a hike in, however only 4.5 miles each way. There are two main pools, one being hotter than the other. Since it is a hike-in spring a full 5 hours from Denver, you will likely have the pools to yourself! It is free to visit and does not require a reservation.

4. South Canyon Hot Springs

If you’re in Glenwood Springs but prefer a more remote hot springs experience, this one’s for you! It’s only about a 15 minute drive from town, and a short hike to access this hot spring. You’ll be surrounded by canyon walls with exceptional views, all for free and without the crowds! The temperatures do vary and so does the business of these springs. It is free to visit and does not require a reservation.

5. Radium Hot Springs

Located just outside of Kremmling, about 2 hours from Denver, you can find these remote hot springs. This one tends to be a bit more popular, so be prepared for more of a crowd potentially! There is a short but steep hike to access the springs from where you will park, so be sure to bring the appropriate shoes. You have the ability to dispersed camp at Mugrage Campground near the hot springs which is a great option if you’re willing to backpack in with your belongings for the night. There is also a developed campground that is paid with some first-come-first-serve sites and some that can be reserved. 


No one wants to show up to an adventure unprepared. A lot of more off-the-beaten path hot springs require a hike (as do many worthwhile adventures/locations). Gain some confidence in your ability to drop everything and head out on a tough hike with my Fit for Hiking program! This 3-month dumbbell only workout plan will equip you to take on and adventures on your bucket list this year. Get a free week to try HERE

I hope this article gives you the inspo to chase some hot springs this year and enjoy the beautiful state of Colorado to the fullest! Which ones are you going to visit? For more content like this, subscribe to my site HERE!

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